• 3 day smoothie cleanse

    3-Day Smoothie Cleanse (with recipes!)

    If you’re looking for a gentle reset after all the holiday celebrations, this 3-day smoothie cleanse is the perfect thing that you and your body need.   This smoothie cleanse is meant to give your body a break from having to digest heavy and unhealthy foods and detox your body. After just 3 days of doing this, you’ll likely notice an increase in your energy, better sleep, and improved digestion.     For this gentle smoothie cleanse, here’s what I would recommend:  Replace 2 of your meals with green smoothies that follow the guidelines below. Eat 1 meal that consists of whole foods.   This meal should include lots of veggies and a…

  • eco friendly clothing
    Green Living

    7 Eco-Friendly Clothing Tips for Women

    Why Do We Need Eco-Friendly Clothing? Pollution is present in every phase of garment manufacturing making the fashion sector the second most environmentally unfriendly industry in the world behind the petroleum sector. Most of the textiles used in making garments are made with a variety of harmful pesticides and synthetic fertilizers. In fact, the National Resources Defense Council estimates that 20,000 chemicals are used by textile mills to make clothes. Then of course there’s another slew of chemicals used to clean the garments via laundry and dry cleaning. And at the end of the garment’s life, those out-of-commission textiles end up in landfills or worse, break down into microfibers and…

  • endocrine disrupting chemicals
    Green Living,  Hormones

    Common Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals

      Hormones are chemical messengers that play a significant role in many biochemical pathways in humans. Every single cell in our body has specific receptors (or binding sites) that respond when a hormone compound connects to it. We can think of the hormone as a key, and the receptor on the cell is the lock. The key unlocks the lock and opens a door that corresponds to a certain cellular function. For example, when cortisol, also known as the stress hormone binds to a cell membrane, a “door” opens which allows for a surge of energy in the form of glucose to flood into that cell. This surge of energy…

  • vitamin d and covid 19
    Immunity,  Nutrition

    The Link Between Vitamin D and COVID-19

    Scientists have been lately spending their time and money investigating the relationship between Vitamin D and COVID-19 deficiency.  They are looking into whether or not a Vitamin D deficiency has an impact on being infected with coronavirus in the first place, and/or the severity of the symptoms in COVID-19 infected patients. A recent study found that 80% of COVID-19 patients at a hospital in Spain also had a Vitamin D deficiency (1) and researchers at the University of Chicago claim that a Vitamin D deficiency may raise the risk of getting COVID-19 (2). The jury is still out on the exact relationship between Vitamin D deficiency and COVID, but there is ample scientific…

  • how to avoid microplastics
    Green Living

    “How to Avoid Microplastics?” 3 Easy Steps

    If you are looking for ways to reduce and avoid microplastics in your daily life you have come to the right place. Let’s get started right away. Hopefully, by now you know that plastic pollution is a huge environmental issue wreaking havoc on our planet these days.  A subtopic of plastic pollution that is gaining popularity and is considered an “emerging contaminant” is microplastics.  These tiny particles are plastic pieces that are less than 5mm in size (think the size of a sesame seed).  One type of microplastics that I’m especially concerned with these days is microfibers.  These fibers often referred to as lint, are released from synthetic clothing every…

  • organ meats

    Organ Meats: Benefits and How to Eat Them

    From an evolutionary biology perspective, human bodies (and every cell in them) are designed for the consumption of both plants and animals. The human genome was written to digest, absorb, and utilize compounds in the natural environment and even with technological advances and the development of the Standard American Diet, that genetic code has not changed. In her book Deep Nutrition, Dr. Cate Shanahan writes about 4 main pillars of the human diet – one of them is to eat more organ meats. (I’ll let you read the book to learn the other 3.) If you’re still reading this, I’m assuming you’re a meat-eater.   You’re likely a meat eater I’m…

  • ashwagandha health benefits

    Top 9 Ashwagandha Health Benefits

    There is a long list of Ashwagandha’s Health Benefits but in this article we will discuss the 9 most important health benefits that will make you a fan of this root. So let’s get started. Ashwagandha, also known as Indian ginseng or winter cherry, is a root that has been used for over 3 thousand years for its restorative, adaptogenic, and rejuvenating effects. In Ayurvedic medicine, ashwagandha has been used for boosting immune system function, enhancing stamina, reducing cortisol levels, and regulating the production of thyroid hormones.  Animal studies have provided evidence that ashwagandha can help to boost the production of thyroid hormones from a sluggish thyroid and can also…

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