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WHAT IS COLLAGEN? Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body and is arguably the most important protein for athletic performance. This protein plays a structural role in building healthy joints, skin, bones, hair, and nails. It also promotes a healthy gut by providing the building blocks of the high-sensitive digestive organs. Even […]

When we are asleep our body temperature drops and many biological systems slow down. Even though we are in a more relaxed state our body is still working hard to carry out a whole array of extremely important functions that benefit us while we are awake. These functions include: repair, detoxification, healing, storage of energy, […]

Being healthy doesn’t have to be expensive.  We believe that implementing simple habits that won’t cost a penny could have a significant impact on your athletic performance, health, ability to prevent illness and longevity.  Here are a few strategies that will keep you out of the doctors office without breaking the bank. 1. Drink water. […]

This month’s exclusive interview is with Healthy Green Athlete sponsoree, professional beach volleyball player Bill Kolinske. I met Billy for the first time in Ixtapa, Mexico this past January on a trip hosted by SOB Volleyball Vacations.  I was playing in the co-ed tournament and I looked down the beach to see this tall man […]

Natalie “Killface” Morgan’s last victory (a masterful spinning back elbow knock out!) has been shared thousands of times since April. What’s even more noteworthy about that KO is that it was vs. China’s Sung Jing in the first round of the all female international tournament, World Muay Thai Angels. It must also be noted that […]

I’ve traveled quite a bit this year to play volleyball already and have a few more volleyball trips planned within the next few months.  I wanted to share some of the foods on my packing list that will help me eat healthy and maintain optimum athletic performance. Whether you’re traveling for an out-of-town competition or […]

The foods that athletes consume before, during and after a full-day volleyball tournament can have a huge impact on their performance during competition and recovery after they are done playing.  Here are a few tips for what foods to eat and when to eat them for optimum performance and recovery. Before The foods that you consume 2-3 […]