INHC, Pn1, founder Do Not Die Young – Integrative Health & Nutrition Coaching

I’m a certified Sport & Fitness Nutrition Specialist and a board certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach living in Los Angeles. I’m a gunshot survivor, a very proud father and partner, a musician, writer and Muay Thai enthusiast who has made self-evolution through nutrition and physical wellness my life’s work. I strive to be a motivator, coach and ally. I live to educate others to be inspired and passionate about leading a happy, healthy, fit, balanced lifestyle, with the least amount of suffering and sacrifice as possible.

My philosophy is to support others in leading sustainable and vibrantly healthy lives with a big dose of happiness and peace of mind – otherwise, what’s the point in living? Whether you’re just starting your journey, a professional athlete, or just want to be the absolute best version of yourself, I can make those big goals a reality for you. Taking from my education, personal experiences and the latest evidence-based research, I provide an unmatched service by designing a healthy plan that is based around whole foods for each profoundly unique individual.

With my guidance you will change your body, get control of your health, become elite and unlock the person you’ve always known that you can be.

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