Acheive peak performance and athletic longevity by upgrading your mindset, nutrition, training and recovery.


Adult Athletes Playbook:
A Guide to Peak Performance and Athletic Longevity

This playbook will take you through my 3-step process to developing and implementing a personalized game plan for achieving your personal goals.

Is adulting getting in the way of your athletic goals?

Have you started to see a decline in performance compared to your youth?

Have you recently been injured and want to return to sport ASAP?

Are you starting to think you might be too old to compete at your desired level?

I'm Karen, and I'm here to help!

I am a holistic health coach and certified sports nutritionist.  I’m also a competitive sand volleyball player and avid hiker in my late 30s.

I help adult athletes and active individuals create a customized game plan that will help them reach and maintain peak mental and physical performance for life.

Most sports nutrition protocols solely focus on using food as fuel.  While this is important, I utilize a more holistic approach to athletic performance which helps athletes to reduce stress, eliminate toxins, nourish themselves, and establish healthy habits that will help them achieve health goals and athletic longevity.

Unlike one-size-fits all programs, I consider unique nutrient needs, personal goals, and lifestyle challenges so that every client is able to perform their best in their sport and beyond. 

My 3-Step Approach to Athletic Longevity

I help you develop a personalized game plan so that you can continue to compete at your desired level of competition...for life!

With my 3-step approach, you'll learn how to:

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