Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach

Hello! Although I’m originally from Boston (go Pats!) I currently live in Cleveland, Ohio with my girlfriend Kelsi and my 10-year-old pitbull Lexi. I currently own Anderson Strength and Fitness in Cleveland. Prior to venturing out on my own I was a performance coach at Michael Johnson Performance at The Spire Institute, an Olympic Training site located in Geneva, Ohio. I graduated from UMass Boston with a degree in Exercise and Health Science, and spent 5 years as a personal trainer in Brookline, MA, completed a year-long internship with Boston University Strength and Conditioning and am currently a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS).

Thus far I’ve been fortunate enough to work with Olympic level athletes from several sports, developing teenage athletes, amazing regular folks who love training and even little kids who just need to learn their left from their right (it’s a tough one). My training philosophy focuses mainly on increasing movement quality and increasing strength in basic movement patterns. Once these achievements have been unlocked, the rest of your health and fitness goals become much easier to attain.

My personal mentors and idols in the field include Tony Gentilcore, Eric Cressey, Dan John and Jim Wendler. In my “spare” time I enjoy snatches, cleans and deadlifts. I also have a love for cooking that I’m fortunate enough to get to do all the time while trying to feed Kelsi, an Olympic Trials qualified marathoner. Also, beer and bacon are amazing.

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