Online Nutrition and Health Coaching Programs for Athletes

Healthy Green Athlete Masterclass​

In this free class, you'll learn what it means to be a Healthy Green Athlete. You'll learn about the 3 pillars of HGA which contribute to optimum health and translate to increased confidence, improved performance, and a long, healthy life. These pillars include: nourishing yourself, loving others and protecting our planet. ​

Resilient Athlete Workshop

In this LIVE Workshop (which includes multiple free bonuses, BTW!) I will teach you how to fuel, hydrate and nourish your way to achieving and sustaining your peak performance. In order to access this workshop, you'll need to register for a live session. After the live session you'll have unlimited access to the workshop for 1 year.

Peak Nourishment for Athletic Performance

In this 12-module online course, you'll learn how to upgrade your nutrition, recovery, training and performance in your sport. This program guides you through a series of short video lessons that will teach you how to create a custom game plan that meets your unique needs and nourishes your body and mind.

Elite Athlete Training Camp

This 12-week online program includes access to my online learning platform, live group coaching sessions with a small group of your peers AND individual coaching sessions with me. This program is designed for athletes who are willing to make the commitment to being above average, and willing to make their athletic performance a top priority.

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