Custom Nutrition Plan


The good news about these plans is that they are designed specifically for each individual athlete to meet their individual needs. The bad news?  They probably aren’t the best for sharing with your friends and family.

Each month of a Custom Nutrition Plan includes:

A new customized 7-day meal plan each month

These plans are created from scratch to suit athlete’s performance needs, allergies or sensitivities and specific food preferences. You don’t like fish, are allergic to peanuts and have a gluten sensitivity?  No problem.  We simply won’t include those foods!  Counting your macros?  We design plans with specific macronutrient ratios that make sense for each individual athlete.

Real food recipes

Some of these recipes are ours, some of them are from our favorite real food bloggers and the rest are modifications of blogger recipes to meet athlete needs.

Access to online HGA community

This is your chance to get support from your fellow Healthy Green Athletes and share your success stories.

Feedback from Certified Nutrition Coach

Coaches are available to answer questions about your plan or make minor tweaks as needed.

How does it work?

Once we’ve received your payment, our Certified Nutrition Coach will email you to get some more information in order to write your custom nutrition plan.  We will ask you questions about your health history, eating habits, grocery budget, cooking experience, activity level, current health conditions, food allergies/sensitivities and foods you just don’t like.  Within 4 days of providing us with this information, we will upload your plan to your password-protected HGAccount Dashboard.


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