The RECOVER Kit contains foods and products to enhance recovery after a workout, competition or injury.   The kit includes:

    • Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides, 4 x 10g sticks:  Collagen is the protein responsible for providing structure for skeletal and muscular tissue in mammals and must be consumed through the diet.  Collagen is an important component of cells that make up our muscles, bones, organs, skin and blood vessels.  It also acts as a “glue” which keeps our body, particularly our joints and tendons, held together.  In our opinion, all athletes should be consuming a high-quality source of protein every day but consumption is very important for recovery.
    • Mike’s Recovery RESTORE Mineral Soak, 1 x 10oz pouch: When it comes to recovery, Mike’s Recovery knows what they are doing.  This all-natural mineral soak contains a blend of seven essential oils, remineralizing Atlantic sea salt and medium chain triglycerides which all promote physical and mental recovery after enduring stress.  Each 10 ounce pouch provides 1-3 uses depending on the size of the bath and the desired intensity.
    • DoTerra Deep Blue Rub, 4 x 2oz packets: This topical cream is made with doTerra essential oils, natural plant extracts and other ingredients that provide a comforting sensation of cooling and warmth to sore muscles and joints. Unlike other topical muscle rubs, this one is made with moisturizing emollients that don’t leave your skin feeling greasy.
    • CLN & DRTY All-Natural Miracle Balm, 1 x 2oz tin:  CLN&DRTY is one of our new favorite natural skin care lines because their products are effective, luxurious and crafted from the highest quality ingredients.   This miracle bomb contains essential oils that promote healing of the skin so it’s perfect for sunburns or any condition where the skin has been stressed (stretch-marks, cracked skin, abrasions, etc.).  Upgrade your skin care regimen with CLN&DRTY deodorant, sunscreen, face cream, toner or hand & foot balm.
    • Jahmu Chai Caffeine-Free Tea, 1 x 10g packet (10 servings):  Jahmu products are inspired by traditional Indonesian and Indian healing practices which use healing spices such as tumeric and ginger to promote healing and soothe inflammation.  We love Jahmu products, because they are incredibly nourishing and delicious especially with coconut milk.
    • Jahmu Cacao Chocolate Chai Tea, 1 x 20g packet (2 servings): Like the Jahmu Chai Tea, this nourishing elixir is made with healing anti-inflammatory spices and contains Balinese Cocoa, raw cacao, and coconut sugar for a delicious recovery treat.
    • BONUS ITEM! Arrowhead Athletics Cooling Tape, 1 roll: We’ve partnered with Arrowhead Athletics to test out some of their products that are currently in development.   As a bonus, we are throwing in a roll of their cooling tape for you to try.

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