Specialized Performance Program


Do you currently have access to a training facility but aren’t sure about what to do when you’re there?  The strategic elements of our Performance Programs include:

  • exercise selection
  • training frequency
  • exercise order
  • training load and repetitions
  • volume
  • rest periods


Each month of a Specialized Performance Plan includes:

A new 4-week Strength & Conditioning Program each month

These plans are written specifically for individual athlete’s goals and needs. They are based on access to equipment, number of training days per week, experience level, and performance objectives.

Demonstration Videos

Each athlete will have access to our video library of 100+ exercises used in the specialized performance plans.

Access to online HGA community

This is your chance to get support from your fellow Healthy Green Athletes and share your success stories.

Remote feedback from a Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach

Our Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach will be available to provide feedback on videos of different exercises. He will provide you with form cues and advice on how to get the most out of each exercise.

How does it work?

Once we’ve received your payment, we will email you to get some more information in order for our Performance Coach to write your specialized program.  We will ask you questions about your health history (including current and past injuries), activity level, gym equipment, sport specific goals, and training experience.  Within 4 days of providing us with this information, we will upload your plan to your password-protected HGAccount Dashboard.


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