All strength and conditioning programs are delivered to your smartphone via the TeamBuildr app.

Sport Specific Strength & Conditioning Programs

After an initial consultation to discuss performance goals, health history, and equipment access, a highly experienced Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist will write a tailored strength & conditioning program. This program will be designed based on the sport you play and your performance goals. These goals, for example, may relate to speed, explosiveness, strength, vertical jump, range of motion and/or coordination. Each program will utilize a suite of specific exercises, tempos, percentage of effort, sets/rep schemes, modifications and mobility techniques. Many exercises are considered to be functional and sport-related. This means that the recommended exercises will recruit muscles that you need to perform specific movements in your sport, and will not only improve those movement but will also reduce the risk of injury.

While it's preferred that you have access to a gym with a variety of equipment in order to maximize your results, we understand that this is not always possible or preferential by our clients. Your program can be designed based on whatever equipment you may currently have at home.

Each 4-week program will be loaded into a user-friendly smartphone app (TeamBuildr app) where you'll have access to the exercises and demonstration videos for each. You'll also be added to a private Facebook group of other athletes, led by your coach where you can give and receive support to your peers, and gain accountability and feedback from your coach.

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