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Nutrition and fitness are two very important aspects of athletic performance. The way that you nourish and fuel your body contribute to your energy levels and ability to focus while competing. Your level of fitness contributes to your ability to meet the physical demands of your sport. As a virtual nutrition coach, I work with adult athletes to find the best way to nourish their bodies and improve their fitness so that they can perform at their very best, no matter what age they are.
But nutrition and fitness are only two pillars of a holistic health or an integrative medicine approach.  Other factors to consider are: mindset, stress, happiness, sleep, recovery, and the quality of relationships with yourself and others. 
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Adulting is hard. But being an adult athlete doesn't have to be.

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As an adult athlete myself, I can relate to having to navigate conflicting responsibilities such as a full-time career, maintaining relationships with my partner, friends, and family, and keeping up with the training that my sport requires. Many of you are also caretakers of children or aging adults on top of all of those things. It’s already difficult to prioritize your own health, so it may seem impossible to also prioritize fitness and performance as well.
I know what it feel like to feel stressed out and overwhelmed. I have knowledge of a long list of tools that help me and my clients prevent that stress from impeding my progress toward achieving our goals.  I also counsel clients on strategies to overcome overwhelm and stay focused on what’s most important to them.  

Look good. Feel good. AND play good.

My approach to athletes is to use holistic nutrition to determine the best diet and training schedule for each individual. This customized approach has helped many adult athletes feel better, look great and stay in the game for longer. 
As an online nutrition coach and certified nutrition consultant, are just some of the nutrition and fitness services that I offer:
Every client is required to spend their first session creating a customized game plan.  This Game Plan outlines a strategy for what they want to accomplish, how they are going to do it, and by when.  Once this exercise is complete, we work together to make it happen in subsequent sessions.  Every athlete is unique and therefore no two sessions will be exactly the same. 
Whatever challenges you are currently facing, I can help you develop a plan and an action strategy to overcome them.   I can even help you identify and conquer any mindset challenges that may be impacting your self-discipline, self-awareness and/or self-confidence.
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Improve physical fitness, upgrade your mindset, reduce risk of injury, and slow down the aging process.

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Are you an adult athlete that wants to continue to compete at your best for as long as possible?  You’ve come to the right coach!  As an athlete in my late-30s, I can proudly say that I can hang with the youngin’s in my sport.   I attribute my longevity to my lifestyle choices, nutrition, training and mindset.  
Scientists say that most elite athletes reach peak performance by the age of 32.  Whether you’re an elite athlete or a recreational participant in your sport or activity, I’m here to help you achieve and preserve aspects of your performance well into your 40s and 50s. 

Stop saying "I'm too old for this!"

Your chronological age doesn’t have to be a limiting factor if you make effective lifestyle changes to reduce your biological age.  It’s more important to feel your best so that you can continue to improve as an athlete and perform at whatever level you desire.  

In addition to enhancing athletic longevity, I help individuals delay the aging process by implementing smart nutrition, training, recovery and mindset principles.  I make recommendations based on the latest science published by gerontologists (scientists that study aging). 

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