Registration opens in January 2022

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Athlete for Life Program

The most comprehensive program for reaching peak performance and maintaining it...for life.

The Athlete for Life Program is the only online program for adult athletes that takes you through the entire process of developing a personalized game plan and implementing that plan with customized nutrition, tactics, bio-hacks, habits and lifestyle changes.

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This program is for you if you are:

By the end of this program, you will have:

Created a personalized game plan

Instead of a one-size-fits all plan, I'll walk you through the process that I use with all my clients to create a game plan that is tailored to your goals, lifestyle and nutritional needs

Developed a champion's mindset

Learn what it takes to think like a champion in your sport and in life by addressing your unique mindset challenges such as lack of self-discipline, motivation and focus.

Upgraded nutrition, training & recovery

Discover strategies for upgrading your training, improving recovery after workouts and injury, and identifying your unique nutrition needs.

Improved athletic longevity and resilience

By addressing stress, deepening your connection with nature, improving sleep, and reducing toxins you'll improve physical and mental health and maintain it!

But above all else...

The Athlete for Life Program will give you the tools you need to elevate your game and look, think and feel your absolute best.

Registration opens in January 2022

"I help adult athletes and active individuals heal, fuel and nourish their unique bodies and lifestyles so they can reach and maintain peak mental and physical performance for life.

Unlike sports nutrition protocols that solely focus on using food as fuel, I utilize a holistic approach to help athletes reduce stress, eliminate toxins, understand energy needs, and establish healthy habits that will help them achieve health goals and athletic longevity."

What's included?

Basic Package

12 weeks of online modules with bite-size action steps to create your game plan

Bi-weekly small group coaching calls

Downloadable handouts and worksheets

Reminder emails to keep you on task and on track

Access to private online support community with other athletes

Access to weekly live Q&A sessions

Normal price: $397
Early bird discount: $297

Only 10 spots available

VIP Package

All services included in basic package

A welcome gift

1:1 weekly check-ins

Food journal review

Three 4-week meal plans

Three 4-week strength and conditioning programs

Special bonuses

Normal price: $797
Early bird discount: $597

Only 2 spots available

Athlete for Life Program Roadmap

Registration opens in January 2022

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