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Hey, Athlete.

Private coaching is the most successful way to reach your health, fitness and athletic performance goals. Together we will create a personalized game plan for how we will accomplish goals, identify actions including lifestyle changes, habits, and nutritional strategies that work for YOU. 

We will address any mindset challenges that you might be facing so that you have a solid foundation to keep on track while navigating adulthood.  This step is crucial for staying disciplined and resilient (i.e. adapting to any bumps along the way). 

I'll also teach you how determine your specific energy needs based on your lifestyle, metabolism and sport demands. Together we will develop a customized nutrition plan that is designed for your body, adjusts to your lifestyle, and will propel you towards achieving your goals.

Finally, I'll provide the support and accountability to ensure that you achieve the best results. 

Karen Simpson

Certified Holistic Health Coach and Sports Nutritionist

How virtual coaching works

1. Decide that you're ready and commit to the Healthy Green Approach.

My ideal clients are the ones that show up ready to make the necessary changes to see and feel results. These are the athletes who are tired of trying "quick-fix" or "one-size-fits-all" programs that don't work for them. They are also the ones that are sick of stressing over strict rules and not knowing what to eat to look, feel, think and perform at their best.

I prefer to work with athletes that are ready to invest in their personal success by hiring a holistic health and nutrition professional who has experience in competitive athletics, physical training, mindset coaching, and sports nutrition for adult athletes.

2. Fill out an application.

All of my clients will receive a custom game plan tailored to their unique needs plus the support to implement actions for following that plan. Because each client will receive my undivided attention during the time they spend with me and support between sessions, my availability to take on private clients is limited.

In order to ensure you we are a good fit, I ask that you submit an application so that I can:

Please be as specific as possible in your application so we can both determine whether this commitment makes sense.

3. Wait for approval.

I will personally review each application that I receive and will respond within 48 hours.

4. connect with your coach.

If accepted, I will reach out to you to begin our journey together. I will provide you with several options for creating a package that works with your desired results and your budget.

If not accepted, I'll also reach out to you with an explanation why. In some cases, I will refer you to another trusted professional that may be better able to help you.

Our first virtual session will include a comprehensive consultation for me to explain my approach and to learn all of the important details of your life.


Each individual game plan will follow my proprietary 3-step approach to achieving peak performance and athletic longevity.  Unlike generalized plan, your game plan will utilize holistic approach to develop something that works for you and takes into consideration: 

With this information, and with my experience and support as a coach, you will have almost everything that it takes to crush your goals. The last piece will be for you to put in the work and together we will celebrate your victories - big and small!

5. Hunker down and get results.

My goal is to give you what you need to succeed. I'll share my knowledge and provide you with your desired level of support and accountability. During each of our scheduled Zoom sessions, I'll check in regularly on your progress and help you stay on the path that we identify in your personalized game plan.

What to expect

Between sessions clients can email me anytime with questions and expect to receive a response within 24 hours.    I will also be available to communicate via text messages between the hours of 8am and 8pm (MST). 

Virtual sessions will be hosted via Zoom and will last 45 minutes.  During each session, we will identify actions to commit to until the next session, check in on the progress of your goals and discuss any challenges you might be experiencing.    

My rate will differ depending on the length of commitment, amount of support needed and frequency of coaching sessions.   I offer a variety of packages with several options to fit every budget and desired level of accountability.  Payment plans are available and discounts are provided for those who pay in full.  

I offer free 30-minute discovery sessions to answer all of your questions and to determine how best I can help you achieve your goals.  You can book your complimentary session here.   

Ready to receive the guidance, support, and accountability you need to achieve your goals?

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