[RECIPE] Gut Healing Mocha Latte

The real MVP and the nutritious base of this gut healing mocha latte is the dandelion root coffee.  I recently gave up drinking caffeine and rather than switching to decaf, I decided to give this alternative a try.  I am a big fan!  It looks and tastes just like coffee but provides my body with way more health benefits.   Technically, it’s an herbal tea because there isn’t any coffee in it, but the company adds a small amount of coffee flavoring to trick my mouth into thinking it is really coffee.  

Dandelion root tea has been cherished for its health benefits for centuries, particularly for its detoxifying properties. One of its primary roles is in supporting liver function. The liver, responsible for filtering toxins from the bloodstream, can benefit from the bioactive compounds found in dandelion root, which enhance bile production. This increased bile flow aids in digestion and helps the liver efficiently process and eliminate toxins, leading to improved overall health and well-being.

In addition to liver support, dandelion root tea is beneficial for gut health. It contains inulin, a prebiotic fiber that fosters the growth of beneficial gut bacteria. A healthy balance of gut bacteria is crucial for digestive health, influencing everything from nutrient absorption to immune function. By promoting the growth of these beneficial bacteria, dandelion root tea can help maintain a balanced gut microbiome, which is essential for preventing digestive issues like constipation and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Moreover, its mild laxative properties can aid in maintaining regular bowel movements, further contributing to digestive health.

Beyond its effects on the liver and gut, dandelion root tea also offers antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits. The antioxidants in dandelion root help combat free radicals, which can damage cells and lead to chronic diseases. By reducing oxidative stress, these antioxidants contribute to overall cellular health and may lower the risk of conditions such as heart disease and cancer. Additionally, the anti-inflammatory compounds in dandelion root can help soothe inflammation throughout the body, including in the digestive tract. This can be particularly beneficial for individuals with inflammatory conditions such as IBS or arthritis, providing a natural way to manage symptoms and improve quality of life.

I’m a big fan of the benefits associated with dandelion root tea, but I don’t love the taste of it on it’s own.  It’s also not a great base for my mocha latte.  I’ve also tried chicory root tea, which looks a lot like coffee but the taste is very strong and resembles dirt.  Chicory root is particularly good for the digestive system because it contains prebiotic fiber.  This type of fiber promotes the growth of beneficial gut bacteria, which is essential for a healthy digestive system and overall gut microbiome balance. 

These can all help improve digestion, enhance nutrient absorption, and prevent digestive issues such as constipation and bloating. Additionally, chicory root tea has anti-inflammatory properties that can help reduce inflammation in the gut and other areas of the body. It also supports liver health by stimulating bile production, aiding in the detoxification process and improving liver function.

While I don’t love the taste of dandelion root tea or chicory root tea on their own, I love the taste of Teecino’s Dark Roast Herbal Coffee which combines dandelion and chicory root along with ramon seeds, carob, and coffee flavor.  I also love that it’s organic, caffeine-free and gluten-free.  

If you’re not interested in swapping out your normal cup of coffee, then you can use that in this recipe instead.  But if you’re finding that you want to give up your dependence on caffeinated coffee and want to heal your gut, I’d recommend gradually mixing in this herbal coffee with your normal brew until you’ve completely switched over.   That way you’ll wean yourself off slowly and avoid the withdrawal symptoms.  

Below I’ve shared the recipe for the latte that I make every morning.  I love that I’m not super dependent on caffeine and am waking up my body much more gently.  I’ve also noticed a big improvement in my digestion and gut health since I swapped out regular coffee for Teecino’s Herbal Coffee.  

Gut Healing Mocha Latte

Gut Healing Mocha Latte

Yield: 1 serving
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Total Time: 10 minutes

Dairy-free, gluten-free and high protein. Perfect for breaking your fast in the morning. If you're avoiding caffeine or coffee, I highly recommend substituting the brewed coffee with this herbal coffee. It tastes just like coffee and supports your digestive system.


  1. Add all ingredients to a large insulated cup or mug and blend with a hand-held milk frother. Or you can add all ingredients to a compact blender and blend for 5-10 seconds. If you choose the blender option, use caution when removing the lid.
Nutrition Information:
Yield: 1
Amount Per Serving: Calories: 258Total Fat: 12gCarbohydrates: 7.5gNet Carbohydrates: 2.5gFiber: 5gProtein: 34g

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